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8.4 Quality control

8.4.1 Design control

all design documents are reviewed and signed by Lead Engineer before issued, and quality engineer will verify if design activities are executed according to the procedures and to the agreements with the customer.

8.4.2 Quality Control of Materials

Overall requirements

All raw materials must be purchased from a formal company with manufacturing qualifications, and must have ISO certification and related production and manufacturing licenses.

All raw materials must be provided with inspection certificates, such as stainless steel pipes, flanges, elbows, etc.

All forgings must be supplied with forging furnace batch number.

Raw materials must be sampled in batches in accordance with national standards, and returns should be made when materials are found to be inconsistent with the certificates provided.

For purchasing valves, instruments and control components, functional and performance tests should be carried out at the manufacturer first. After ensuring that there are no problems, provide inspection reports, find problems in the process of assembly and debugging, timely feedback and correction, do a good job of returning and replacing.


The inspection report of all materials will finally submitted to the user.


Entry Control


After purchasing materials and outsourcing parts enter the factory, they should be placed in the inspection area for acceptance. The acceptance at the supplier's place shall be stipulated in the contract.


Relevant inspectors shall inspect steel, welding materials, forgings, pipes, elbows and other outsourced parts separately, make records, and issue warehousing notices after passing the inspection. Material that must be re-examined in accordance with the regulations shall be re-examined, and only after the re-examination is qualified, can it be stored in the warehouse.


Acceptance and acceptance is mainly to examine the quality assurance certificate of materials, including its manufacturing standards, projects, various data inspection. Then physical verification, including specifications and sizes, surface quality, marking and so on, is carried out. The warehouse receipt will be issued after qualified.


Non-conforming products shall be marked and segregated and handled by the Supply Department through negotiation with the supplier.


Custody and issuance of materials and outsourced parts


(1) All kinds of materials should be classified and stacked to prevent misuse and confusion of materials in the production process.


(2) Plates, pipes, welding materials and outsourced spare parts are stored in the qualified areas of the sheet metal storehouse, the first and second grade storehouse of welding materials and the spare parts storehouse of pipes, respectively. The warehouse requires proper storage and the establishment of an account. According to the warehouse number, traceable materials are used for product number and parts made. The accounts are consistent.


(3) The qualified materials of pressure pipeline components shall be coated with white marks and stamped or labeled according to the material labeling system. The materials and welding materials shall be labeled separately. The qualified areas, the inspected areas and the unqualified areas shall be set up, and the labeling transplantation shall be carried out before cutting.


(4) Release according to the requirements and keep good records.


(5) When starting the process acquisition, the number of materials and spare parts in storage should be recorded on the process card as the basis of process handover and product quality certification. When issuing materials, the material requisition form shall be filled out in accordance with the regulations.


(6) When material substitution occurs, relevant procedures for material substitution shall be handled.


(7) The original quality certificates of materials and spare parts shall be properly kept, filed and kept by the Quality Inspection Department for seven years.


8.4.3 Quality Control of Steel Structure and Pipeline Welding Welders certificates Management


(1) Welders who weld pressure piping components must hold the "qualification certificate" issued by the special equipment safety supervision organization of the quality and technical supervision department, and carry out welding operations within the period of validity of the welding projects permitted by the qualification certificate.


(2) Qualified and certified welders who have interrupted their work for more than 6 months or have serious welding quality accidents and work transfer should take back their steel stamps. If they are engaged in welding of pressure pipe elements, they must retest.


(3) All qualified welder's stamps and qualified items shall be compiled into tables and sent to each workshop inspector after obtaining evidence.


(4) Set up welder's files, one person one file, responsible person for welding quality control is responsible for welding training and assessment, and collect welder's welding record, etc. as welder's assessment files, provide technical supervision department review at any time. Welding Material Control


(1) The procurement of welding materials shall conform to the relevant national standards, with quality certificates and JB/T4747-2002 Technical Conditions for Order of Steel Welding Electrodes for Pressure Vessels.


(2) The material inspector is responsible for the inspection and acceptance of welding materials. The responsible person for material quality control confirms that the "welding material control procedure" is numbered and labeled after the inspection. The custodian classifies and stacks the welding materials according to the brand, specification, time and batch number. At the same time, the responsible person for welding quality control is responsible for monitoring.


(3) Welding material warehouse should be clean and dry. Relative humidity and room temperature control records should be filled out. Relative temperature is not more than 60%, room temperature is not less than 5 degree.


(4) The warehouse keeper must strictly carry out the procedures for the storage, drying, issuance and recovery of welding materials, and distribute them according to the number, specification and quantity of the welding process card quota. The welder should return the welding rod head and redundant welding rods with the insulator after the completion of welding. If there is no need to make up for the deficiency, the responsible person for welding quality control shall be responsible for the soldering material list. Signature is the only way to issue it.


(5) The warehouse keeper should be familiar with the general knowledge of all kinds of welding materials and the regulations of the company's welding material management, do a good job of welding material baking in advance according to the production plan, and earnestly do a good job of welding material baking records and welding material issuance records. Welding Process Assessment Control


(1) Welding process qualification is an important link in quality management of pressure pipeline components. It should be completed before product welding. According to the requirements of "Regulations" and JB4708-2000, the welding process qualification task is proposed by the welding technicians, and the welding process guidance is compiled. After verification by the responsible person of welding quality control, the skilled welders are appointed according to the requirements of "Regulations" and "JB4708-2000". The process instructions are operated.


(2) The equipment and instruments for welding process assessment shall be in good condition within the validity period. The report of welding process assessment shall be compiled by the welding technicians, audited by the welding responsible person and approved by the chief technical officer.


(3) The process assessment report and catalogue shall be filed in the reference room, and the test pieces of various samples shall be properly displayed and kept in the welding room until the process assessment fails. Welding Process Control


(1) Welding technicians prepare welding process cards according to drawings and qualified welding process assessment reports, which are checked by welding responsible persons.


(2) The use, issuance and modification of welding process documents shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the “Control Procedure for the Compilation and Implementation of Welding Process”.


(3) The manager of workshop in charge of the pipeline component manufacturing shall fill in the list of each welder according to the welder's certification, and arrange the form to be stored in the product quality file to ensure that the welder's qualification, welding specimen, welder's operation record, steel mark and welding quality meet the required requirements, and weld strictly according to the parameters of the process card, and do a good job. Cleaning before and after welding, stamping welder's stamp on the corresponding position after welding, according to "Welder's stamp control procedure".


(4) The welder submits the weld seam to the inspector for inspection after self-inspection. The inspector completes the welding record and signs the transfer card early before transferring to the next procedure.


(5) Welding equipment should be in good condition and qualified, and meet the requirements of welding technology.


(6) Welding record, inspection record and non-destructive inspection record should be made well. Weld Repairing


(1) Weld repairing shall be carried out according to the "Weld Repair Control Procedure" to record the repairing.


(2) Before compiling the repairing process, welding technicians should fully analyze the causes of weld defects, compile the repairing process, and take pertinent technical measures to ensure that the repairing process is qualified. The repairing process shall be examined by the welding responsible person, and if more than two repairing welds need to be repaired again, it shall be approved by the chief technical officer.


(3) Welders should conscientiously carry out weld repairing work, and make a good record of repairing operation, which shall be checked and accepted by inspectors, and the relevant documents in the repairing shall be included in the product files. Defect repair welding


After inspection, it is found that there are mechanical damage pits in the base metal, and the weld scar must be polished smoothly. The slope of the grinding range is at least 1:3. The depth of grinding should not be greater than 5% of the steel thickness of this part and not more than 2 mm. Otherwise, the welding process should be worked out by the welder who holds the qualified certificates of surfacing welding.


8.4.4 Surface Treatment and Packaging Protection Painting Requirements

Steel structural parts are sandblasted after being made, and the quality grade of rust removal reaches GB8923-88 SA2.5.


Anti-corrosive coatings are used for coatings with a service life of at least 20 years.


If there is no external insulation for stainless steel parts, paint protection must be carried out.


Specification requirements for painting:


(a) For normal temperature carbon steel components:


Primer: epoxy zinc-rich primer; intermediate coating: epoxy mica iron intermediate paint; topcoat: polyurethane enamel.


Paint Layer Number and Dry Film Thickness:


One primer, the thickness of dry film is 75 microns.


Two middle coatings with 145 micron Dry Film thickness;


Second coat, 60 micron Dry Film thickness;


(b) Surface treatment, passivation and pickling shall be carried out according to the standard for cryogenic components, pipes and welded parts, and then indicated with cryogenic paint to increase the anticorrosive property of the material.


The key to no cold insulation is as follows:

Surface treatment: SA1/SSPC SP7.

One primer with a dry film thickness of 50 microns;

Two middle coatings with 100 micron Dry Film thickness;

Topcoat 2, dry film thickness 50 micron;


C) The key to cold insulation is as follows:


Surface treatment: SA1/SSPC SP7.

One primer with a dry film thickness of 100 microns;

The painting requirements of the paint are in accordance with the technical specifications ZHLNG-5A-GT-SPC-PAI-001. Packaging and Transportation Requirements


The whole equipment is packaged according to the specifications and technical requirements of the bidding documents before shipment, so as to avoid the damage caused by the equipment during transportation and shipment.


8.4.5 Testing control

At the start of the project, a test plan will be made including the scope of testing, sequence of testing, at what stages tests will be performed, responsible persons for executing and witnessing the test, test tools, reference documents and acceptance criteria etc.


8.4.6 Training Plan

In order to ensure the correct use of loading skid, our company formulate a training plan for the staff on site. The plan is as follows:




Schedule Days Training name Trainer Contents
before delivery, 2 days Factory training

4 engineers,

2 operators

1.LPG basic knowledge.

2. The structure, working principle, control method and operation flow of skid-mounting equipment for tank truck loading.

3. Routine maintenance for loading skid.

4. Regular inspection, maintenance and overhaul methods of skid-mounting equipment. Maintenance and use of fire fighting equipment.

After delivery 3 days On site training

2 managers on site,

4 operators

1. On-site installation technical support.

2. On-site training of operation methods

3. Description of spare parts and replacement methods of wearable parts.

4. Daily maintenance and regular maintenance methods

Note Our company will assign two electrical engineers and one mechanical engineer to be responsible for the whole training process.



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