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Eminent Group, the leading manufacturing and engineering company in global oil & gas industry and harbor equipment industry


Eminent from 1999, now 20 years later, occupied more than 60% of the Chinese market share on loading arms, gangway and QRH.


All process from preceding service, design, purchase, production, FAT and after service shall be based on ISO9001 strictly

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Shanghai Eminent Tysun Engineering Co.,Ltd. It employs over 200 staffs, including 30 engineering designers and 10 advanced skilled workers


Tower Gangway is comprised of support frame, ladder, slewing column, lifting platform, tower frame, tower platform, stairway, handrail, lifting mechanism, cable lifting mechanism, slewing mechanism, ladder counterweight, electric-hydraulic control system. The cylinder or traction system drives the ladder for luffing. The cylinder drives the platform for horizontal slewing. The slewing platform and ladder has counterweight, and the speed reducer controls the platform up & down through pulley block. suitable


The Loading Arm is an equipment to load cryogenic liquid with our own intellectual property. the cryogenic swivel joint is of double flange type and very easy to change the main seal. Nitrogen purging system keeps the ball race dry and prevents the entry of moisture. The swivel joint is machined by CNC machine center and uses cryogenic main seal, with a very good sealability and meeting the requirements of OCMIF and EU. Strict inspections and tests on strength, air tightness and cryogenic performance are do

Emergency Release Coupler (ERC System)

During loading or unloading of ship, some emergency occasion occurs due to fire or typhoon, the ship needs to escape from jetty quickly, also sometime because of tide, ship drifts away from working area. The ship will pull loading arms cause damage of arms and leakage oil, polluting environment.Collapsing of arms will cause serious accident and lost. Emergency Release System(ERS)is the right product to suitable to safety of loading procedure, it can separate loading arm and ship automatically and quickly to

Quick Connect/ Disconnect Coupling

During loading and unloading, Quick connect/ disconnect coupling can make the connection easy between loading arm and vessel and save time, also can prevent operators from touching dangerous or cryogenic medium. It connects and disconnects automatically with hydraulic control system instead of manual operating.

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